The CTSF at Fort Hood, Texas

The CTSF was organized by Program Executive Office Command Control Communications Tactical (PEO C3T) in 1996 to provide a location for the rapid development and testing of the then Army Battle Command Systems. Today, the CTSF is a 125,000-square foot facility of which nearly 25,000 square feet is dedicated to software testing and integration. Its three test floors are completely configurable to accommodate an infinite combination of test architectures. A virtual data center allows for increased scaling of development and test architectures. Aside from the core mission floors, CTSF also has various PM/PEO labs that are used for software development. The CTSF also hosts the execution of Coalition Interoperability Assurance and Validation (CIAV) as a supplemental mission beyond the core missions that are prescribed in the EXORD.

As the hub of the Army's Federation of Net-Centric Sites (FaNS) of test facilities, the CTSF has the ability to link with field and other remote locations.  The CTSF has proven procedures in place for distributed testing for certification events calling into play systems integration labs at Fort Sill, OK, Huntsville, AL, and Orlando, FL, among others.

Central Technical Support Facility, Fort Hood established in 1996

Plans are underway to move to a permanent facility located on Fort Hood in the 2017-2019 timeframe.